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Ref: 197202

330-2 LX Anniversary Flue Gas Analyser (Stand

1,310.05 (Ex VAT)

The testoÿ330-2 LX is the professional flue gas analyser which meets the highest requirements and fulfils any measurement task on gas, oil and solid fuel systems.
- High-quality long-life measuring cells: sensors for O2 and CO are included in the scope of delivery - the CO cell is H2-compensated
- 5-year warranty without maintenance contract on O2 and CO sensor
- The sensors have a service life of up to 6 years. This means at least one sensor replacement is saved in the course of a normal operating life
- Bluetooth Interface - Where there is a large distance from the measuring point, the measurement data can be transferred from the flue gas analyser to a smartphone or tablet. Logging and dispatch to customers possible with the testo combustion AppFree testo combustion App for iOS and Android devices, available as a download
- With its automatic fresh air dilution from 8,000 ppm CO, the testoÿ330-2 LX offers a high level of reliability when setting solid fuel and oil systems and protects the sensors up to 30,000ÿppm CO content
- Logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement profile, large memory for up to 500,000 readings
- Pressure measurement up to 300ÿmbar
- Integrated magnets for easy fixing during the measuring process
- Condensate trap: easy-to-empty collection vessel in the instrument
- User-defined fuels
  • Manufacturers Code: 0563 6034 70
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