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Ref: 81506

Big Foot Support System 1m X 1.2m 2- unit 34

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280.32 (Ex VAT)

The Big Foot Support System is a simple and universal framework which can be used to support anything on a flat roof. It is ideal for small external condensers, split or VRV air conditioning systems and ventilation units. Complete on site flexibility, simple and quick to assemble and adjust, framework intersections are tightened into position to provide a rigid and sturdy structure, easy maintenance of roof surface without removing or decommissioning units, doesnt penetrate the waterproof membrane, thus eliminating any difficult detailing and reducing the risk of leaks
  • Manufacturers Code: B6075
  • Big Foot Support System 1m X 1.2m 2- unit 34

    • Height: 0 mm
    • Width: 0 mm
    • Depth: 0 mm
    • Weight: 0 kg
    • Application: Support Frames
    • Manufacturers Code: B6075