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Ref: 167506

Blue Diamond Micro Blue Condensate Pump with

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88.45 (Ex VAT)

The BLUE DIAMOND MICROBLUE with ducting kit utilises the ground-breaking patented GYROK technology to offer a small pump but with big features. The MICROBLUE not only runs silently but can also be mounted in any orientation whilst operating both wet and dry continuously. The pump is dual voltage and covered by the market-leading BLUEDIAMOND? 3 year warranty. Partnered with our unmatched thermistor level sensing technology, which eliminates the risk of stuck float switches, the MICROBLUE is the obvious choice when looking for a compact pump to fit inside or outside an A/C unit.
The Microblue can be mounted in any orientation up to 2m away from the air conditioning unit.
  • Manufacturers Code: X85 - 507
  • Blue Diamond Micro Blue Condensate Pump with

    • Height: 40 mm
    • Width: 37 mm
    • Depth: 150 mm
    • Weight: 0 kg
    • Application: Condensate
    • Flow 5 L/h
    • Head 5 m
    • Lift 2 m
    • Tank Capacity lt
    • Sensor
    • Sound Level 17 dBA
    • Manufacturers Code: X85 - 507