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Ref: 177302

DIGIMON-SE-3-PLUS 2 way Digital manifold

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283.42 (Ex VAT)

2 way set with hoses and case
The latest generation Digimon is characterized by its compact design and sturdy construction. The unique display has an analogue display option to mimic traditonal gauges and allows for superheating, subcooling, vacuum levels and leakage tests to be shown along with the pressure and temperature reading.
50 Refrigerant tables incl. R410A, R744(C02), R1234yf
Analog- and Digital Display
Accuracy: Class 1.0
Pressure Gauge from -14 psi to 870 psi
Direct calcu lation and display of superheat and subcool
2 precise K-Type temperature sensors
Internal and external vacuum sensor
Leak-test function
Backlit LCD display with multiple protection
User-friendly operation
Fiber Reinforced ergonomic knobs
Automatie power-save mode
Low battery indicator
  • Manufacturers Code: 4686736
  • DIGIMON-SE-3-PLUS 2 way Digital manifold

    • Height: 0 mm
    • Width: 0 mm
    • Depth: 0 mm
    • Weight: 0 kg
    • Manufacturers Code: 4686736