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Ref: 139206

DiversiTeco Fresh Coil - Coil Cleaner

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6.35 (Ex VAT)

Fresh Coil is formulated for routine cleaning. The powerful spray delivered by the directional nozzle generates thick foam that genetrates, lifts, suspends and removes dirt, lint and grease from air conditioner and heater coil fins. No rinsing
required on evaporator coil or other surface where condensation causes rinsing action. Breaks down organic odours and blockages. Helps keep drain trays clean and drain lines free flowing.

DiversiTeco Fresh Coil - Coil Cleaner

  • Height: 0 mm
  • Width: 0 mm
  • Depth: 0 mm
  • Weight: 0 kg
  • Size: 355 ml
  • Type: Aerosol
  • Application: Evaporator
  • Size 355 ml

DiversiTeco Fresh Coil - Coil Cleaner Downloads

PDF Safety Sheet