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Ref: 161806

Frozone Low Temp Refrigerator & Freezer Clean

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40.80 (Ex VAT)

Frozone is a Food Safe Low Temperature Refrigerator & Freezer Cleaner/Disinfectant. Frozone is a sub zero chemical meaning the product will not freeze until the temperature of -25øC enabling cleaning without waiting for the temperature to rise. This reduces time for cleaning and minimises wasted time spent waiting.
Frozone will melt any ice on the floor and evaporate any excess liquid found on the floor in freezing temperatures.
The non-metal corrosive formula ensures it is safe to use on aluminium, stainless steel and copper surfaces - meaning it can be used to clean freezer heat exchanger surfaces with no risk of damage
Works at -25øC, eliminating freezer shut down
Easily cuts through dirt and fat deposits reducing cleaning time
Non-metal corrosive formula making it safe to use on aluminium and stainless
steel surfaces6

Frozone Low Temp Refrigerator & Freezer Clean Downloads

PDF Specification

PDF Safety Data Sheet