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Ref: 204302

Javac Edge 2-In-1 Flaring - Swaging Kit

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91.78 (Ex VAT)

The Javac Edge Flaring - swaging kit is an easy to use 2-in-1 one design that can be used to flare or swage. Perfect flaring and swaging, less to carry with extra room in the van for more tools
High grade light weight Aluminium Alloy
Quick Coupler - allows fast switch from flaring cone to swaging heads.
Tube Positioning Plate - Ensures tube is set at the correct position for all sizes.
Indexing Mechanism - Provides accurate alignment when switching between different hole positions on the flaring bar.
Diamond Flaring Cone - Our Diamond Flaring Cone has a unique ?socket fitting?, so when attached the cone is allowed to spin as you turn the handle.
Creating a perfectly smooth finish. Our swaging heads have a ?round fitting? ensuring the heads do not spin, creating an accurate swage. There is no flaring tool in the market with a diamond cone that can do this.

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