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Ref: 136006

Maxi Blue 230V Temp Sensor

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85.19 (Ex VAT)

Designed for high humidity environments and with high performance, the MaxiBlue? is ideally suited for mid range air conditioning systems. Its exceptional reliability is backed by a multi year warranty and with class leading performance/suction lift, the MaxiBlue? is ideal for installations in environments that are both demanding and expensive to access for maintenance.
- Max Flow - 14 Litres/Hour
- Max Head - 8 Metres
- Max Suction Lift - 8 Metres
Not only is the MaxiBlue? backed by a three year warranty, it also uses the BlueDiamond? patented rotary diaphragm technology. The condensate is drawn into the pump by vacuum and mechanically driven within a re-inforced elastormer diaphragm to the outlet under pressure. This system even tolerates suspended solids and light slurries whilst happily running dry.
  • Manufacturers Code: X87-703
  • Maxi Blue 230V Temp Sensor

    • Height: 67 mm
    • Width: 58 mm
    • Depth: 158 mm
    • Weight: 1 kg
    • Application: Remote
    • Flow 14 L/hr
    • Head 8 m
    • Lift 8 m
    • Tank Capacity lt
    • Sensor Remote Float
    • Sound Level dBA
    • Manufacturers Code: X87-703

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