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New Probe Companion manifolds

New Probe Companion manifolds
These excellent new manifolds are designed to specifically compliment the superb Testo Smart Probes (the manifold will work with other brands too).

With this in your tool box you can instantly convert your smart probes into a full manifold kit.

You can connect up to 2 probes as required with schrader valves sealing any unused ports.

No probes included

New Valve Pro Hose Sets

New Valve Pro Hose Sets
Minimize refrigerant loss and improve safety with our valve pro hose set.

The control valve allows you to make an un-pressurised connection to the system. Removing the risk of refrigerant loss and also reducing the potential for refrigerant burns.

Once connected, you can use the control valve to open or close the schrader valve to carry out your service work.

When you are finished, closing the control valve will isolate the system and seal the charging hose allowing you to safely remove the charging line

New Flare & Swage SPIN Tool


New Dixell X-RANGE Simple to use pre programmed controllers

New Dixell X-RANGE Simple to use pre programmed controllers
Dixell have released a new ,simple, low cost and quick to fit pre programmed controller complete with probes

Preprogrammed for quick and easy installation. they are ready to use straight out of the box. For service replacement of all common 32 x 74mm format controllers, or as original equipment


New Bigfoot Lock n Load

New Bigfoot Lock n Load
The ultimate takeaway one box does it all in less than 15min

Lightweight, pre-fabricated system with unit GRP connectors

Quick and effective support for mini split units