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Ref: 186602

Promax RG 6-E 110v

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920.00 (Ex VAT)

The Promax RG6-E introduces its new, highly developed, twin-cylinder design with spark-proof switches, which makes it suitable for recovering A2L mildly flammable refrigerants such as R32 and R1234YF, as well as excellent recovery rates on CFC, HCFC, HFC refrigerants. It uses the proven Promax oil-less compressor design, which promotes faster recovery under all conditions. The new 1HP/735W motor performs better in all scenarios. All of this is packaged in new housing, ensuring that the RG 6-E will out-perform all competitors, while remaining lightweight and compact.

- Fastest ever recovery machine
- Recovers all commonly used refrigerants (including R410A)
- High-pressure safety cut-off switch
- Light and compact