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Ref: 192302

Super Ego 240v A2L Recovery Unit

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649.00 (Ex VAT)

Suitable for use with A1, A2L & A2 refrigerants recovers all commonly used CFC, HCF and HFC refrigerants including R32 and 1234yf
Compact, portable machine for all kinds of refrigerant recovery including R32 and 1234yf
Light weight and weighs only 13 Kg
3 functions in 1
High recovery rate 111 Kg liquid per Hr. (15 Kg per hr vapour)
Input voltage 230V
Purge function
High Pressure safety shut off
Compressor: Oil less, air cooled 1 piston
Motor: 3/4 H.P
Motor speed: 1450rpm - 50Hz ,1760 - 60Hz
Current: 4A 220v, 8A 110v
Dimensions: 400 x 250 x 355mm
Power supply: 220-240v - 50-60Hz
Weight: 13Kg
Operating temperature: 0øC-40øC
High pressure safety shut-off 38.5bar/3850kPa(558psi)
  • Manufacturers Code: 2664
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