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Ref: 96406

SuperSeal 3 Advanced

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47.07 (Ex VAT)

Seals leaks for systems above 17.5 kw and continues to circulate in the system to seal future leaks. Permanently seals leaks of up to 300 microns. Ideal for those persistant leaks that cannot be found.
Easily installed in minutes, seals hard to find micro leaks, compatible with all oils and refrigerants, for use in systems with a minimum of 4lbs/1.82kg refrigerant, perfect for Industrial applications, ideal for leaks caused by formicary (ants nest) & internal acid corrosion, vibration and temperature variation
Application - One 3 flo.oz/89ml can per refrigerant system
Super Seal is a system additive that will find and seal leaks in refrigeration systems and also has an eliminator to dry any moisture in the system preventing acid/waxing, dissolves blockages and frees TEV?s
Super Seal is a light, low viscosity particle free liquid that is directly placed into the system as a mist as it travels with the refrigerant and oil throughout the system, the sealant exits the leak point and react with moisture in the air this forms a low tensile crystalline structure that creates a permanent seal
Compatible with all oils and refrigerants
Self contained no tools required
Uses pressure to draw the product into the system
Fast acting
Cost effective saves time and money
Ongoing protection against future leaks

SuperSeal 3 Advanced

  • Height: 0 mm
  • Width: 0 mm
  • Depth: 0 mm
  • Weight: 0.27 kg

SuperSeal 3 Advanced Downloads

PDF Safety Data Sheet