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Ref: 188902

Testo 760-1 Multimeter

59.00 (Ex VAT)

The testo 760 digital multimeter family includes three models suitable for all important electrical measuring tasks. Function keys replace the traditional dial on all three instruments, which means easier operation and greater reliability. Incorrect settings are now impossible, because the measurement parameters are detected automatically via the assignment of the measuring sockets and also shown by the illumination of the appropriate function keys.
Exclusive Auto test-setup
Automatically detects testing in-process and selects correct configuration
Meter prevents switching from V to A or A to V if leads are not in the proper socket
Low Battery indication
  • Manufacturers Code: 0590 7601
  • Testo 760-1 Multimeter

    • Height: 0 mm
    • Width: 0 mm
    • Depth: 0 mm
    • Application: Electrical measurement
    • Manufacturers Code: 0590 7601

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