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Ref: 195902

Testo 875-2i

2,339.10 (Ex VAT)

The range has been upgraded and the Testo 875i (improved) range now offer even more features and benefits than ever before. The T875i Series offer better thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera, extended temperature range and laser pointer.
- The Testo 875i is ideal for a plethora of tasks including: detecting leaks, localising cold bridges, visualising overheating connections, and electrical surveying.
- Now with Free SuperResolution technology, the images are 320 x 240 pixels and this actually improves the image quality by an entire class, so the resolution of the thermal images is four times higher.
- 160x120 pixel resolution to provide quality Thermal Images
- Thermal sensitivity of NETD < 50 mK to show even the smallest temperature differences.
- An extended measuring range of -30 to +350øC.
- Wide Field of View of 32ø with a standard lens.
- Manual Fine Focus with a minimum focus distance of just 10cm.
  • Manufacturers Code: 0563 0875/875-2i
  • Testo 875-2i

    • Height: 0 mm
    • Width: 0 mm
    • Depth: 0 mm
    • Manufacturers Code: 0563 0875/875-2i

    Testo 875-2i Downloads

    PDF Datasheet

    PDF Instruction Manual